Quick update on one of my projects – Planet Clicker

Hi everyone! I will start this short post by saying I really don’t know how many of you has seen the biggest project I am still currently working on which is Planet Clicker.

Planet Clicker was a game idea that came to me when I was 13 which is when I also started working on it. I wanted to make my first game and my biggest dream was to publish it on Apple’s iOS. Well, I am really glad to announce that in the last week I have managed to get Planet Clicker available on iOS!

This is one of the most exciting parts since I have started the game development journey after I managed to publish it on Google Play Store.

In this short post I wanted to share a bit of my feelings about the project and to also give more insight on how it came to be. I also know a lot of you said in reviews that you want to see the full game. I am still working on that however, I firstly started going fixing the bugs many of you also reported in reviews!

Slowly I will hopefully be able to make the game I have imagined since I was 13 but also a game that many of you will enjoy playing! I know I said slowly but this is because I also focus myself on my studies.

I would love to end this by saying a very big THANK YOU to everyone that supported (and the ones that still support me) me along the way! I also want to say a thank you for the people which also just tried my game! All of you kept giving the motivation I needed to keep working on this project! <3

We’ve managed to hit 10K downloads on Google Play Store so maybe the next challenge is to hit 10K downloads on Apple’s App Store? 🙂

To get the app, I will create two links so press the one for your platform:

Google Play Store

Apple’s App Store

What a journey so far! Thank you again for all the support! Peace <3

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